Registration CLOSED for “9th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing”

Registered participations for “9th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing” has exceeded every forecast.

After the last post with the list of “successful” and “pending” registrations on 12/9/19, the total number of participations reaches 500!! As this number was set as the maximum limit for the event, organizers “closed” the registrations, and many that were interested did not make it on time!

This is the last and final chance for those who have already made registration, but have not completed the proceedure (with payment and Medical Certificate), until Wednesday 18/9/19 and time 20:00 . If until then, the “pending” registrations have not been completed, they will bediscarted and deleted by the online system, losing any right of participation.

In case that participation finaly don’t reach 500, the registration will open again on Thursday 19/9/19 (00:00 – 23:59) for specific number of registrations.

For those who have already done registration but not complete the next steps, hurry up and don’t lose the opportunity to be among the rest in the Canal.

Those who haven’t made registration yet, stay tuned on Thursday and might be the lucky one!

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