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8th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing 2018

On Sunday October 7th 2018, the vessel traffic in the Corinth Canal was interrupted for the 434 paddlers, where they lined up just before the sinking bridge of Isthmia for the 8th Annual Corinth Canal SUP Crossing.

This year the race was a milestone for the sport of SUP but also for the event itself.  The registered paddlers exceeded every forecast, surpassing by far any previous record, with over 500 participations from every corner of Greece and lot of other countries like Cyprus, U.K., France, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Finland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

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After Event Party

After the big mesh “Xenofon” anticyclon caused to whole Greece and also to the 8th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing, let’s start over!!

Unfortunately, some of our SUP friends, who had registered for the event and can’t postpone their participation for next Sunday, are disappointed, but most of the participants will be on Isthmia next Sunday for the biggest Event of the Greek SUP community.

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New Category: Team XL

A new Category for the 8th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing just came along.

At least 4 Teams with XL SUP hase allready registered for the Race, so the new Category is active and the competition is going to be strong.

Maybe the Category seams easy to many of us, but it is really not, because special syncronization and ballance is nessessary from all the team members.

So, let’s the Battle of the teams begin for the highest potition on the podium

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