SAVE THE DATE – 10th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing – 20.09.2020

The 10th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing, is officially set for next year.

Sunday 20 September 2020 is the date that the Hellenic Canal will be given for 2 magic hours to SUPers for the biggest Greek Race

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Registration was not opened on the sceduled date. The Registration will open as soon as we will have an official  confirmation, that the event can be done. An anouncement will be made

The Limit for 2020 is 600 SUPers!!!

Stay tuned for the World’s Staightest SUP Race 

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  • Yes

    Wolfgang Müller,
  • good morning.
    now it is the first of may.
    What goes on? no informations to corona. Last Info is is from february in facebook.
    you don`t know we can make the race? Write it. thanks Jürgen

    Jürgen Hutschreuther,
  • it is may 1st – the rgistration is not working ?

    Thomas Papp,
  • Hello, now its afternoon 1.5.2020. Register is not open.
    Why come the last Information 3 month ago?
    If you don`t know the Race can start, you can write it on Page. Thank you Jürgen

  • Fingers crossed for the 2020 race to take place

    Allistair Swinsco,
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