The forecast on Sunday seems that the weather will be better, for now.

It is though extremely complicated to make a valid forecast, as the conditions are very unstable, changing the facts every hour.

With the forecasts changing constantly, half of them show fine weather for the region of Corinth and the other half extremely bad conditions, of 7+ Bft winds and heavy rain.

Preparations are still going on a regular base. Many items of the equipment have been already transferred to location, but there is still the possibility of rescheduling.

We believe that tomorrow the forecast will reach closer to reality and help us determine for the procedure of the event.

Our biggest thought is for our foreign friends, that will travel to Greece just for this event, having all necessary booked already. Also for those coming from distant places of Greece.

Hoping that everything will go by the program and everyone will enjoy the unique Corinth Canal SUP Crossing, on Sunday September 30th.

Thank you


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