100 Participants

100 participants have already registered at the  "8th Corinth Canal SUP Crossing", which will take place inside the Biggest European Canal, on September 30th 2018.

The registrations are coming one after the other and it seems that last year's record of 300 competitors will be exceeded.

We are happy to see riders coming except Greece, from Germany, England, France, Belgium, Turkey, Austria, Finland, Swiss, Ukraine, Fyrom.

The loyalty of the last year’s competitors is remarkable, and it seems that many of them will take part this year also.

Statistics of Previous Events:

2011: 18 participations
2012: 65 participations
2013: 132 participations
2014: 163 participations
2015: 163 participations
2016: 165 participations
2017: 300 participations

The "Corinth Canal SUP Crossing" is one of the biggest SUP Events around the World, considering the fact that there is not Price money for the winners.

The limit of 400 participations for 2018 is far away at the moment, but it is very possible to be reached.

Register until September 15th, in order to be on time for the "Early booking" dead line, with the fee of 30 €


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